The difficulty of wallpapering

2020. 250cm x 40cm. Oil on Wallpaper. This self-portrait depicts the ongoing struggle to progress into the next chapter of my life. Using wallpaper and brushes instead of wood and palette knives, this work reflects the fragile point in a graduate's life.

Exhibited in X-CEPT at the University of Lincoln during the 7th-12th February 2020.

At least i'm still painting

2019. 70cm x 43cm. Oil with palette knife on scrap wood. Portraying my life after university, being a decorator with my dad hence the title as I am still painting but with bigger brushes.


Exhibited in X-CEPT at The Surface Gallery in Nottingham until the 17th August 2019 and in the University of Lincoln 7th-12th February 2020.

missing pieces

2015. Painted in oils on canvas. This was a piece for my final art exam in my second year of A Levels. This was taken from the theme of flaws, perfections, ideals and compromises. 60 by 80 cms.