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Artist CV


University of Lincoln - BA Fine Art Honours (Upper Second Class) 2018

Samuel Ward Sixth Form - A Level Fine Art (B), Media Studies (B), English Literature (C) 2015

Within fine art, I gained the ability to understand the role art has in the world, therefore understanding my place within the art world. Media allowed me to gain experience with cameras and software, meaning I can document work effectively. English has given me the skills which has enabled me to write confidently and correctly when needed.


‘X-cept” – The same group of Fine Art graduates who exhibited in Nottingham, this time showing their work in Project Space Plus, at the University of Lincoln. Exhibited between the 8th - 11th February 2020

‘X-cept’ – Group of Fine Art graduates from University of Lincoln, exhibited in the Surface Gallery in Nottingham. Open during the 10th - 17th August 2019

‘Portray’- Group exhibition focusing on portraiture, in the Art Number 23 Gallery at Old Biscuit Factory. Open from the 5th – 10th October 2018

‘Insert Art Here’- Group exhibition featuring the third year students from University of Lincoln Fine Art. Held at University of Lincoln during the 26th May – 9th June 2018

'Alveare'- Group of 6 fine art students at University of Lincoln created an exhibition revolving around the idea of ‘the home’, in Lincoln High Street. 5th-10th May 2017

Church exhibition- A collection of local artists displaying their artwork at the Stoke By Clare Church. 10th-11th June 2017

Open Art and Sculpture Exhibition 2016- At 2021 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe. I won the Student prize. November 2016- February 2017

'Emerge'- The same people who created 'Response' created an exhibition at Surface gallery, Nottingham.

13th-21st January 2017 

'Response'- A group of second year university students created a site responsive exhibition at St Mary Le Wigford Church in Lincoln. 10th-15th December 2016.


Pet Portrait of Luna the Greyhound. – Pencil drawing on paper, A3 in size. 2020

Sign Painting of Pickwick House – Hand painted metal sign. 2019

Portrait of two brothers – Oil on board using palette knife which creates thick texture in the paint. Approx 12 by 12 cm. 2019

Pet Portrait of Rosie the Yorkshire Terrier – Oil paint using brushes to create long fur. The painting is approx. A4. 2019

Portrait of a couple in front of their house with their dogs – Oils on board painted with brushes to achieve the extremely fine details. Approx. 20 by 15 cm. 2019

Pet Portrait of Dylan the Dachshund – Oils on board using brushes to create fine detail. Approx. 30 by 17 cm. 2019

Pet Portrait of a mixed Cockerpoo.  Oil on wooden board painted with brushes to create precise hair/fur details. The painting is approx. 25 by 35 cms. 2018

Pet Portrait of Micky the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Oil painting using palette knife to create the texture of the long fur of the dog. The piece is approx. 25 by 35 cms on wooden board. 2018

Pet Portrait of Reggie the Dachshund- Oil painting of a red dachshund painted using palette knife to create a textured surface for the fur. The painting is 25 by 35 cms on wooden board. 2018

Painting of a House- An oil painting using brushes to achieve the small details in the garden and on the house. The piece is 35 by 25 cms on wooden board. 2018

Painting of a House- This was an oil painting of a cottage and garden. The piece is 24 by 12 cms on wooden board. 2017

Portrait of Mother- Oil painting on board of the commissioner’s mother, this portrait is 25 by 25 cms. 2016

Family Portrait- Black and white oil painting on board. From old photographs of the commissioner and her children with the family’s favourites childhood books running throughout the background. This piece is 30 by 19 cms. 2015


Festival Host | Frequency Festival October 2017

The Frequency Festival focuses on digital and cultural arts through the form of an art festival.

This experience allowed me to gain the skills to pick up information about art pieces and inform the general public about the pieces.

Gallery Assistant | Sea Pictures Gallery June 2017

Sea Pictures Gallery is a small business that originates from an online website, transforming into a gallery 8 years ago.

During this experience, I learnt the skills to code the gallery's website through adding artist’s pages and artworks onto their page. This has given me the skills to edit websites in the future.

I had the opportunity to measure artworks and curate the gallery placing artworks in different positions. The older work had to be packed away which allowed me to pack them away safely which I will take with me into future jobs.


Art Reveal Magazine, Issue 48, 15th July 2019.


I have a big interest in painting, usually portraits.

Another interest of mine is sewing and textiles, using the artistic nature of embroidery allowing me to be creative with materials.


References available on request.

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