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Glass Paintings

Female Generation.JPG


2019, A family portrait of women in my family. Using black and white to blend the generations, brought together with the black wooden frame. I painted this piece on glass with oil paints as the texture oils creates on glass is an intriguing surface especially as the oil paint takes longer to dry as it has nothing to soak into. 

GO sunset.JPG

Female Generation depicts ​the different women from both my mother and father's sides. The different outfits relate to the different jobs or roles they had within their families, some being just married and living off their husband's earnings as they were expected to stay at home. My nan on my father's side was a Land Army Girl, where as my nan on my mother's side worked in an office in London. The courageous women who fought for our rights and freedom, has given women today the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Vintage table

2018, Oil on glass as part of a small table. Portraits of generations of family members taken from photographs. Mixing the old and the new with images of great-grandparents as well as my parents. Glass is 30 by 30 cms, table is 50 by 40 cms by 40 cms.

The reverse

The reverse of this painting creates a unique appearance. Creating sinister faces of my relatives as if the people in the glass are trapped.

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