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Three couple portraits

2020. Three portraits commissioned for Christmas presents. Watercolour on paper, all A6 in size.


Pickwick house sign commission

2019. Painted metal sign of 'Pickwick House'. 

Leslie brothers.jpg

Brothers commission

2019. Oil paint using palette knives on wooden board, approx 12 by 12 cms. The original image is of a newspaper from a story about the customer's brothers when she was a young girl. 


parents in front of their house commission

2019. Oil paint on wooden board, approx 20 by 15 cms. The painting consists of 3 separate photographs all combined on Photoshop.

The background of the painting: the customer wanted this background as it is their parents' home.

The main element in the painting is the customer's parents. Once the images were combined, her jacket and skirt compliment the flowers on the front of their house.

Family Edit 2.jpg
M&D Wilfred.jpg
Blunham front.jpg
P1080326 2.jpg



2018. Oil paint on wooden board, 35 by 25 cms. This painting is facing the back of the house allowing the garden to be shown.

CottaGE COmmission

2017. Oil paint on wood board, 24 by 12cms. A commission piece of a house and garden.

Portrait of Grandmother

2016. Oil paint on wood board, 80 by 40 cms. A commission piece of my grandmother.

Family commissioned Portrait

2015. Oil paint on board. It is a commissioned piece that was from 3 separate small photographs and names of various books which I was asked to incorporate into the painting. Approx A4.

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